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Bank Fashion Limited – In Administration
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Customer Q&A
  • I’ve ordered items online before Bank went into administration, will my order be fulfilled?
    Yes, all orders will be processed as normal and your order will be fulfilled in the usual way.

    Can I place new orders online?
    Yes, new online orders can still be processed and will be honoured via the website. However not all our products are available online, so you may wish to go to store to see a fuller range.

    Can I still request a refund or exchange?
    Online orders can still be returned or exchanged via post or collect plus within 14 days

    Can I still use gift vouchers?
    Gift vouchers were only sold by Bank when it was part of JD sports group. As was previously communicated when Bank Fashion became independent of JD, gift vouchers under the JD scheme will no longer be accepted in Bank stores after 5 January, however customers with gift vouchers can still redeem them at the other stores listed e.g. JD Sports, Millets, Ark etc.

    Are returns still able to be sent back via post?
    Yes, returns should be processed in the normal way. You should always request proof of postage for the return though.

    Will you still accept a returned item?
    Yes, online orders can be returned via post or collect plus within 14 days

    I have a faulty item being returned, can I still return it?
    Yes, faulty items will be processed as normal.
  • How can I contact Bank?
    • Online

      If you'd prefer to get in touch with us by email please use our contact form. Completing the form helps us deal with your enquiry as quickly and efficiently as possible.

      Alternatively, you can contact us through Twitter @BANKfashionhelp .

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